Photography and Videography Services

Weddings and Unions

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant days of your life will be your wedding day. We believe such a beautiful and important event deserves lasting souvenirs and mementos that allow you relive that special day throughout the years to come. Let us take the worry out of planning your wedding photography and videography so that you can focus on celebrating with family and friends!

From the morning of your wedding day to the closing celebrations of your first day as husband and wife; from the wedding preparation, the wedding ceremony to the reception and everything in between, Rick Helman Photography and Video will be there to beautifully capture every single moment. Whatever the circumstances of your nuptials may be we will be prepared to handle your wedding day with professionalism and courtesy.

We can proudly say we have the experience of covering more than 1,000 events including:

  • Traditional, religious or church weddings
  • Support for the LGBTQIA community and gay weddings
  • Courthouse weddings
  • Non-traditional weddings of any theme

Our wedding photography and videography services include the services of our team of professional photographers and assistants and complete coverage from the wedding preparation up to the reception. We can also provide you with the raw (unedited) and post-processed (edited) digital shots of the wedding, as well as any number of digitally-enhanced prints of the photos in the size of your choosing. In addition to that, Rick Helman and his staff offer clients unique wedding photography and videography packages that suit their preferences. If you are interested in providing a fun souvenir for your guests, feel free to inquire about our photo booth services.

We are confident that our wedding photography and videography services are the best you will find in the New York and New Jersey area.


Engagement Shoots

There’s no better way to announce the engagement of a couple in love than having beautifully produced engagement photography and videography. In this day of social media, it seems an engagement rarely occurs without having a photography and/or videography shoot. Whether your engagement and proposal have been meticulously planned to be the perfect moment or you’re just out to have fun in spontaneity, let us be there to capture it.

In the days, weeks, and months leading up to the wedding, you may find that engagement photography and videography can play an important part in the wedding preparation. Planning for such an important date can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Let a fun engagement shoot take some of the pressure off and add fuel to the excitement for the upcoming wedding. Not only can it make the announcement of your engagement more official, the moments captured during your engagement photography and videography are often shown in slideshows or video montages during the wedding.

We’d love to help you:

  • Create your engagement photography and videography in your favorite place. It could be the spot where the proposal happened, the place of a memorable event in your relationship or simply somewhere that means a lot.
  • Celebrate your engagement with the ones closest to you. This might be your family, friends or even your beloved pets.
  • Celebrate your engagement in private first and wow your loved ones with amazing engagement photography and videography after.

Whatever your preference, Rick Helman and his staff has provided high quality engagement photography and videography to straight and gay couples alike for over 15 years. Call us to find out all the details of our engagement photography and videography services, including the number of photographers, videographers and assistants; the length of photo sessions; as well as the formats of engagement photography and videography outputs. In addition, similar to our wedding photography and videography services, Rick Helman and staff also offer customized engagement photography and videography packages that cater to the needs and preferences of the client.

Bar or Bat Mitzvah Photography and Videography

For every Jewish boy and girl, the coming-of-age ritual of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one of the most important days of their lives. Reaching the age of Bar or Bat Mitzvah is typically both a joyous celebration as well as a significant event welcoming a young person as a new member of the Jewish community. The staff at Rick Helman Photography takes great honor in being invited to create lasting memories of your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. There will not be many other events as meaningful, thoughtfully planned, and momentous as the Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

With service to the areas of New Jersey and New York, which have large Jewish communities, Rick Helman Photography and Video Inc. has rich experience in doing photography and videography in Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Let us be a part of everything from a ceremony at temple, a celebratory meal, a reception party or even a special event as many families are now including. Photo booths are a great idea for providing a fun and memorable gift for your guests. We completely understand that photography for an event as important as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah can include extended family, friends, community members and may take place even at rehearsals. As with our other services, call to find out specific details and our package deals.

Corporate Event Photography and Videography

More and more businesses, whether small or large, have taken to having professional photography and videography services during corporate events. Professional photography is an excellent way to promote your business as well as demonstrate strong corporate culture. We have found that professionally created media is a great way to create a strong bond within your team and also an indispensable way to represent your business to current and potential clients.

Getting the right corporate event photography and videography service can be a game changer. Please consider Rick Helman Photography for your next:

  • Client reception
  • Christmas and holiday party
  • Birthday celebration
  • Milestone celebration
  • Employee recognition event
  • Tradeshow appearance
  • Or any themed corporate event 

Corporate events are just as much fun for the employees as they are for the guests. More often than not, employees look to corporate events as a brief respite from the daily grind and as an opportunity to leave work at the door and enjoy themselves. Having a corporate event photography and videography coverage would give the employees something to remind them of the perks of their jobs once it’s back to business as usual. Photo booth rentals are also a great way to create souvenirs for your event.

Rest assured, Rick Helman Photography and Video Inc. will make sure your corporate events are captured thoroughly and beautifully. We have the staff and equipment to ensure our photography and videography services will be a success in any corporate event setting. Give us a call to find out more details.


Photo Booths

In the past several years, photo booths have become phenomenally popular in gatherings and events of all types. There are photo booths in weddings, engagement parties, bar or bat mitzvah celebrations, corporate events, birthday parties and the like. Photo booths are a convenient way to capture fun and quirky photos of guests and attendees.

Rick Helman and his staff offers high quality photo booth rentals in the New York and New Jersey area. Our basic photo booth package includes unlimited prints for 4 hours, professionally designed photo layout, keepsake album of all the photo booth shots as well as our professional and friendly staff. Our photo booths also come with a variety of props as well as an automated and live view function. We also offer personalized backdrops and layouts for the photo booth that will be specific to your taste. Our photo booth prints can come in the style of your choosing.

Contact us for the latest pricing and all the details of our amazing photo booths!


Whether to commemorate special events or to simply have something to decorate the walls of your home, portraits are a wonderful way to capture yourself, your family, your friends or your loved ones. Depending on the subject or subjects, a professionally photographed portrait can have the amazing ability to capture so much more than a casual shot.

For example, we have experience taking the following portraits:

  • Of an individual to showcase personality and style.
  • Of a loving couple to showcase a strong and lasting relationship.
  • Of a family to showcase togetherness.
  • Of an owner and a beloved pet to remember them forever.

Using the proper equipment, Rick Helman Photography takes portraits with an attention to detail that is unparalleled. We can tailor everything from lighting, backdrops to lenses to make sure everything is perfect. The composition of portraits definitely makes portraits more intimate and personal.


For any aspiring actor, model, singer, entertainment performer or even business professional, a headshot can make or break a career. In the entertainment industry, talent agencies and casting directors will get their first glimpse of you through your headshots. In some cases, the impression your headshots make could be your only shot at a gig. As the old saying goes, you only get one headshot to make a first impression. Headshots for business professionals are also growing increasingly common. With both businesses and business professionals having such huge online presence, a headshot is commonly found on everything from social media profiles like linkedin, facebook, twitter, etc. to about pages on company sites.

The one thing that any headshot should do is to make you stand out among the others, and Rick Helman Photography and Video Inc. can do just that. Call now to get detailed information about packages for headshots.

High School Senior Photos

High school senior photos are quite possibly the most significant memento students will have of their high school life. In their high school senior photos, students get that unique opportunity to capture the feeling and charisma associated with moving on to the next stage in life. Celebrate this accomplishment by having your high school senior photo taken with professional quality and care.

Rick Helman and staff are experienced in providing high schools with services for high school senior photos. The basic inclusions for our high school senior photos package are our professional staff, photography equipment that is specifically used for high school senior photos, post-processed copies of the photos and customized layouts that fit your preference. We can also take high school senior photos privately for students who want to really stand out with professional quality.


The Communities we Love and Serve

New York

Rockland County

Rockland County is located southeast of Orange County, west of Westchester County, north of Bergen County, New Jersey, and east of Passaic County, New Jersey. Rockland County is nestled right over the border of New York and New Jersey. Rockland County is also where Rick Helman Photography and Video first started. Though it is New York’s smallest county, Rockland County offers everything you need for the best wedding and engagement photography and videography with its beautiful scenery.

Rockland County is the fourth most densely populous county in New York. Because Rockland County has the largest Jewish population among the counties not only in New York but in the whole country, it’s unsurprising that a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a common weekend event here. Rockland County is also a popular place to raise a family as it is home to multiple schools that have been rewarded excellence awards by the Department of Education.

Its charming villages aren’t the only thing that contributes to Rockland County’s appeal to its residents and visitors. Rockland County is also home to a number of historic landmarks. 32,000 acres of natural parklands also cover the span of Rockland County. The fact that Rockland County is also situated on the west side of the Hudson River allows for great waterfront views.

Just 45 minutes from New York City, Rockland County has many points of interest worth noting. For historical buffs, the Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Site at Rockland County, for example, was a pivotal location during the American Revolutionary War and has the oldest remaining lighthouse in Rockland County. Bear Mountain State Park, which goes through both Rockland County and neighboring Orange County, is a favorite among hikers and nature lovers. Another site with beautiful scenic over-looks in Rockland County is the Buttermilk Falls, a perfect location for picnicking, nature observation, photography and videography. Piermont, New York, is one of the richest towns in Rockland County that is popular for its charming houses overlooking the Hudson River. If you’re looking for a more casual setting with the Hudson River as the backdrop, Rockland County’s Downtown Nyack is a strip of shops and restaurants that has a fun nightlife. The Tome Valley Vineyard in Rockland County is a popular destination for wine lovers. It’s located on acres of lands overlooking Rockland County’s Romapo River.

New City

One of the hamlets in Rockland County, New City is it’s most populous community. New City is also the county seat of Rockland County. New City is also considered one of the more affluent suburbs of Rockland County. One of the most well-known sites in New City is the Dutch Garden. You can trace back the Dutch presence in New City’s history. They were the first ones to settle in New City. Built in 1934, it’s the oldest park not just in New City but in Rockland County as well. Its pathways and walks are decorated with latticed walls of Haverstraw brick that can serve as a nice backdrop to any photography and videography production.

Westchester County

Just a short distance from Manhattan, New York, Westchester County is at the very center of the New York Metropolitan Area limits. Westchester County is located in southern New York also called Downstate. Situated in the Hudson Valley, on the west side of the Hudson River and on the east of Rockland County and Bergen County, New Jersey, Westchester County has plenty of roads and transit connections to major locations like New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and New England.

Westchester County is the second-most populous county in New York only after the Bronx. Because of its rich landscape and scenery, Westchester County has been the location for popular films such as the 1988 film Big. There are also a number of natural and artificially-maintained beaches in Westchester County’s Long Island Sound. Westchester County is also an ideal location for wedding and engagement photography and videography. It’s unsurprising that Westchester County has become a place of retreat for city people who wish to experience the things Westchester County has to offer.

Westchester County is one of New York’s more opulent suburbs with its grand and old-fashioned architecture and natural landscape. After the American Civil War, wealthy families from the New York area came to Westchester County and built large estates as vacation homes, and a big number of those estates in Westchester County remain standing up to this day – the most popular among them being the Westchester County’s Lyndhurst. Also known as the Jay Gould estate, the Gothic country home of Westchester County sits in a 67-acre park along the Hudson River and has served as a filming location for various TV shows and movies. Other historic houses in Westchester County include the Van Cordlandt Manor owned by the prominent New York family and Sunnyside, the home of author Washington Irving who made Westchester County’s Sleepy Hollow a thing of popular culture. Another famous house in Westchester County is the Kyukuit of the Rockefeller family. The house is situated in Pocantico Hills, Westchester County. Its beautiful terraces, pavilions and classical sculptures make it a National Trust house in Westchester County.

Also rich in history, Westchester County has a number of landmarks that are deemed historical sites. The Saint Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon, Westchester County, for example, is one of New York’s oldest parishes. Its beautiful Georgian architecture makes the National Historic site in Westchester County a favorite location for wedding and engagement photography and videography in the Westchester County area. The Philipse Manor Hall and the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow are the oldest buildings in Westchester County.

Orange County

Directly above the border of New Jersey and New York, Orange County is the only New York county that borders both the Hudson River and the Delaware River. One of the fastest-growing regions within the New York City Metropolitan Area, Orange County is adjacent to multiple New York counties such as Rockland County and Westchester County, as well as Passaic County of New Jersey. Orange County is the birthplace of many notable figures, some of them being first U.S. President George Washington and Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Whoopi Goldberg.

But Orange County isn’t just known for its famous people. There are many distinguished landmarks and historical sites in the New York county such as the West Point Military Academy. Brotherhood Winery, America’s oldest winery, is also in Orange County. More importantly, Orange County has a wide variety of scenic locations that are perfect for wedding and engagement photography and videography – from country barns and romantic B&B’s to upscale event venues.

New Jersey

Bergen County

Located in the northeast corner and the Gateway region of New Jersey, Bergen County is one of the wealthiest counties in the county along with New York and Westchester County. It is bordered by New York’s Rockland County and Westchester County, as well as New Jersey’s own Hudson County and Passaic County. Bergen County is New Jersey’s most populous county and has the largest Jewish population in the state. Sitting directly across the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan, Bergen County’s location is convenient for everyone because of its close proximity to New York City as well as the mountains, forests and beaches of New Jersey.

Fair Lawn

Fair Lawn is a borough in Bergen County. A suburbs in the New York City Metropolitan Area, Fair Lawn is considered one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Known as a community made up of culturally diverse neighborhoods, Fair Lawn has numerous sites and landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Essex County

Situated in northeastern New Jersey and considered part of the New York Metropolitan Area, Essex County is home to one of the largest immigrant populations in the country. Naturally, it’s renowned as a very culturally affluent county in New Jersey. Named after the Essex County in England, it is adjacent to the New Jersey counties Passaic County, Bergen County and Hudson County. Newark, New Jersey’s largest city and the third oldest city in the U.S., is in Essex County.

Essex County has many points of interest that appeal to its citizens and guests alike. Branch Brook Park, for instance, has the largest collection of cherry blossoms not just in New Jersey but in the United States. The park, where wedding and engagement photography and videography are a common sight during its peak season, was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the same architect behind New York City’s Central Park. The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart is another wonderful sight to behold. Built in the French Gothic design, the cathedral, with its stained glass and antique chandeliers, greatly resembles the Reims Cathedral in France. It’s no wonder this historical site is a favorite location for wedding and engagement photography and videography.

Hudson County

Bordered by the Hudson River to the east, the Kill van Kulto the souh, the Passaic River to the west and Bergen Conty in the north, Hudson County is the fastest-growing county in New Jersey. It is also the smallest and most densely populated. Sometimes called New York City’s sixth borough, Hudson County is a massive port of entry for immigrants and is therefore rich in diverse cultures and demographic.

Hudson County is also idyllic spot for wedding and engagement photography and videography. The New Jersey Palisades are a row of steep cliffs in the north of Hudson County that overlooks the Hudson River. Jersey City can also be found in Hudson County as it is the largest city in the county. Another popular hotspot is the Liberty State Park which has the size of New York’s Central Park and offers a breathtaking views of Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Passaic County

Created from portions of Bergen County and Essex County, New Jersey’s Passaic County is also part of the New York Metropolitan Area. With Orange County, New York to its north, Bergen County to its east, Essex County to its south and Sussex County to its west, Passaic County is abundant in both natural beauty, as well as history.

The Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park offers a fantastic view of The Great Falls which is the largest waterfall in New Jersey. Its picturesque scenery of nature is a perfect backdrop to any and all wedding and engagement photography and videography. The Lambert Castle in the south of Passaic County is also another famous landmark. Its magnificent medieval architecture gives the castle a somber and romantic feel that would go perfectly well with your wedding or engagement photography and videography.